Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Modern Boy

A happy boy on video chat. And he's doing it on a CR-48... he's a little young to be a beta tester!

A week ago Grammy took the kids to a local park that was filled with children and their parents playing. While there Nieve lost her little stuffed toy (a llama... we call it "llama drama" in reference to Nieve's personality), so Ronan and Grammy spent the next fifteen minutes searching the park for it. A lady there joined in, and commented, "I'll let you know if I find it."

To which Ronan replied, "OK. Just email me."

A seasoned pro... he even has the toe-turn-up-laptop-stabilizer technique down

And earlier this evening Ronan was playing out in front of our neighbor's house where there are fantastic swings hanging from a 200+ year old white oak. Ronan has a soft spot for Tom, who lives in the house, because he's "a builder" and is always creating something interesting. Ronan invited Tom (who is now retired) over to our house to play with his machines on the weekend. He asked Tom to, "Let me know if you want to come over. Just email me. Or, if you want, you can video chat me."

Yes, Ronan is taking to technology. I'm sure he'll be the IT manager for our household machines by the time he turns five.


Holly Teetzel said...

Always helpful to have at least 1 IT guy in the fam :-) Ask Ronan what he thinks of Chrome and whether Nana should get with the program!
Cute pix!

Holly Teetzel said...

Oh... did they ever find llama drama?

Erik said...

The llama was found (by Grammy, no e-mail was required) and Nieve is a happy toddler again!

CalBadger said...

Uh oh! I hope you can have parental controls of those things...perhaps kids should have "kid controls" for recalcitrant parents! Can one still get on the beta testing program?

CalBadger said...

Hey, what's Ronan doing with an Apple laptop in the last photo? Uh oh! HE'S switched already? Erik, you'd better get him on the program! Are you guys still offering a beta Chrome notebook? Might be something to experiment with while I'm in the UK! Anyways, I know that Ronan already knows more about IT than I do!!!