Monday, May 2, 2011

Reckless Ronan

Ronan may have mastered the basics of bicycle riding but at times he still shows suspect judgement. Here's a video demonstrating why I'm concerned that Ronan has the capability to stay upright on a bike long enough to get out of reach. Thankfully in this video he is on foot, in the grass, and coming towards me.

Ronan's way of saying, "I'm happy and wanted to tell you!" There is no explanation, it's just how he is sometimes. Note: No Ronans were harmed in the making of this video.


Jimmy Wayne Ibiza said...

That brought a smile to Gina and me this morning. Even more than the other news.

CalBadger said...

It runs in the family (the body is here, the mind is elsewhere)...including the videographer's reaction of laughter rather than showing concern for Ronan!!! The Teetzel Family motto: "Suck it up," (modernized from the 20th Century's saying "stiff upper lip")! As I can attest, Ronan, things don't improve with age! Life is very good Ronan!

Holly Teetzel said...

Definitely agree with Jimmy Wayne about "the other news". What I wonder is, was Dad harmed in the making of this video??? Very cute :-)

Erik said...

JWI - yes, for some reason kids doing stuff like this is hilarious to watch. Probably because at some point in our past we were all doing exactly that.

CalBadger - For the past 15 years Bhav and Mikey like to say, "SIU" as the acronym for "Suck it Up". You are in good company.

Holly - Thanks for asking but no damage from my side. As Ronan gets bigger I'll have to spend more time ensuring I'm out of his trajectory.

Bhavesh said...

Ronan, SIU buddy, welcome to the crew :)