Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring in Full Swing

A year ago Mom in a summer dress was the most beautiful thing ever. Not anymore. Sorry Mom.

Warm weather arrived this week so Nieve decided to start wearing fun summer dresses. Today's dress was pink and I think she looked pretty and perfect - my darling little daisy in her matching moccasins celebrating the end of the cold.

Sure, it tastes like plastic but in the backyard reception is better.

But don't let a little showing of leg distract you - she's still Nieve and in her mind anything you can do she can do better, only now she'll do it while wearing a cute dress. Climb stairs? Check. Yell at her broker on Auntie She's mobile phone to change the asset allocation in her 529? Done (sort of). Sit on her director's chair and rattle off incomprehensible commands/observations/possibly something else? Oui. Jump on a trampoline? Why not.

"Mnn... Ymmnguhaatinuh!" So there.

"Ready with that camera Daddy? You're about to get my good side."

This girl can do it all, and look pretty all the while. I'm looking forward to more warm days to welcome Nieve's cute little outfits.

"See? No pants, no problem!"


CalBadger said...

It's amazing what little girls do to their Daddies when they finally start wearing cute dresses (the little girls, that is!). All of a sudden, grown men, who were once somewhat intelligent, experienced, and in control, turn to mush and start babbling like two-year-olds; always doing the young lady's bidding instantly. All the while Mom is looking on in amazement and, yes, disgust (it's really jealousy guys!) I remember the feeling well, Erik, when Allison was that age. It's a father's pure joy of having a beautiful daughter!

Holly Teetzel said...

Oh little Nieve - keep those men wrapped around your little finger. Life is good. Shall I make you a new dress? I have a pattern and some fabric. But, you look good, girl, no matter what you're wearing.