Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend w/Auntie Mel & Uncle Todd

The gang stopping to observe something Ronan spotted in the grass... for this stoppage it was a beetle

Ronan and Nieve were in for a treat this past weekend - Auntie Mel and Uncle Todd came up for a visit. It was a few days filled with lots of fun, plenty of smiles, and even some hugs and kisses. Ronan and Nieve were able to show off some of their newly learned skills (bicycle riding and furniture climbing, for example) as well as some of their favorite places to play.

Ronan, the merry leader of the march through the preserve

Arastradero Preserve is always popular with Ronan and Nieve so we did a little walk on one of our favorite trails. Now that Ronan is fully capable of walking several miles he typically picks the route that we take.

My little tulip crashed in the backpack... but she refused to let go of the slender stalk of grass (zoom in and you can see it clutched in her little hand)

A nice place for a hike

Although we had a sprinkling of rain the views were great and the low clouds made for some spectacular skies (at least spectacular for Paolo Alto in May). Nieve slept most the trip but Ronan was an attentive tour guide for Auntie Mel and Uncle Todd, pointing out fun things like birds and horse poop.

Kayaks and Ronan, all patiently waiting to be put into the water

The following day we decided a little water play would be fun but did not want to make the long trek out to Pescadero to enjoy the beach. Instead we put the kayaks on the minivan and did the short drive to Foothills Park to paddle around the small but cute reservoir perfect for beginner boaters.

Nieve was fascinated by ducks & ducklings, more so than epic sea battles

Nieve didn't want to spend too much time in the kayak - following ducks were a highlight for her but as soon as they moved on she was ready to do the same. Ronan, on the other hand, loved being the passenger (captain?) on Uncle T's boat and made him circumnavigate the lake.

Tracking down the scurvy dogs. At least the location was picturesque

What started out as fun exploration soon turned into a battle on the high seas - Auntie Mel set off in her pirate ship to go and loot treasure from Ronan and Uncle T. Ronan loved this... he would load his canons and yell, "FIRE!" to which Uncle T would send some water flying towards Mel the pirate with his oar.

Sure, she looks all nice and sweet, but Auntie Mel, who prefers the title 'privateer' to pirate, is setting out after Ronan and Uncle T on a quest for for their treasure

Ronan & Uncle T - plotting what to pillage next

What cracked me up the most was that Ronan wanted to be a pirate too, because, I suppose, pirates are cool. Instead of having one hook on his hand, he had two ghastly claws, which he held out in front of him to scare Auntie Mel away from his treasure.

"Hooks out!" Ronan showing his terrifying pirate claws

The pirate battles were such a hit with Ronan that he is still talking about it, several days later. It's clear he misses Aunti Mel & Uncle Todd - he still asks after them from time to time. Nieve too had a blast impressing (and manipulating) her aunt and uncle - it was fun to see Nieve giving both of them hugs whenever she was in need of a snuggle. Thanks Auntie Mel and Uncle T for a great weekend!

Pirates need to power up - it's always fun to end the time at the park with lunch on the dock


CalBadger said...

You trusted your first born and only son to get on a kayak with UNCLE TODD? Are you crazy?! AND did you take your cameras out on the water? Oy vey! You have lost your mind--too much work! Anyway, it looked like a super weekend for all of you--love the photos. I'm glad Ronan's exhibiting leadership qualities and Nieve is exercising her independence. Love those two! And I agree with Mel--she IS more of a privateer than a pirate--after all she is working on a MBA. I hope Rachel got some r+r with all that clean, fresh air!

Holly Teetzel said...

Your weekend sounds like it was a blast! How fun to go hiking AND kayaking - love how Todd thought to bring a wetsuit - always prepared :-) Nieve might not be too keen on boats (can't blame her there), but it looks like Ronan was in his element. I love the wide shot of the fields and sky at Atastradero. Looks like fun times :-)

Todd said...

Yo E,

Great post. Thanks so much for having us, we had a blast!


melissa said...

Privateer is me! Now that I know what that is (thanks Wikipedia)! Watch out Ronan and Todd!

Your kids could not be cuter! I particularly loved Ronan's knack for story-telling and his mad biking skills. Neive's wit was definitely breaking through...particularly during meal times.