Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Richard Scarry!

The kids reading Richard Scarry stories on Richard Scarry's birthday

Ronan's current favorite author, hands down, is Richard Scarry. He penned the irreplacible "Cars & Trucks and Things that Go", "The best Counting Book Ever", and Ronan's book-obsession-of-the-month "What do People do All Day?". Apparently I was the same way when I was Ronan's age... I wore over three copies of Cars & Trucks as I'd read them over and over and over again.

The Google Doodle for Richard Scarry on the Google homepage, in case you missed it

Google did a doodle today to celebrate Richard Scarry's birthday, incorporating some of the key characters and buildings from his body of work (yet another reason why I love Google). Ronan was delighted when he found Sargent Murphy, Huckle Cat, and the firefighting pigs on the homepage of his favorite search engine. He also loved identifying key places like the barber shop, town hall clock tower, the shoe house, and Huckle's home (which is on fire, thanks to Mother Cat burning a shirt w/an iron).

Richard Scarry stories make for the perfect morning reading while in footie jammies...

... as well as afternoon reading near a sunny window!

Huckle Cat's outfit and the style of many of the building in the stories are easy to distinguish as Swiss -- it's not surprising given Richard Scarry did much of his work out of a room in a chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Ronan enjoying reading about putting up drywall and selecting the right home appliances

The stories are typically about activities that most adults would think of as mundane - mailing letters, visiting the doctor, making roads, or doing laundry. But to children these stories are both fascinating and educational; thanks to the stories Ronan knows the major steps (in order) to build a new house, from laying a foundation to finishing out the interior.

Always the stickler for good oral hygiene, Nieve likes to point out the toothpast car

Nieve is taking a liking to Richard Scarry stories as well - she get excited about the anthropomorphic characters (cats, dogs, pigs, wolfs, rabbits, etc... there are no humans) that live out the common but somehow captivating story lines. These great books that keep our children busy for minutes (quarter hours?) are worth checking out- a fine choice by Google to celebrate Mr. Scarry today.

Finally at the end of the book


CalBadger said...

It's really nice seeing a brother and sister not trying to strangle each other!!! Geeez, it Nieve getting bigger! Happy Birthday Richard, you've served our family well for a long, long time.

Holly Teetzel said...

I thought of you all yesterday when reading about R.Scarry in/on Wikipedia. He has to be right up there at the top for author of outstanding children's books. Their appeal is obviously multigenerational. RIP Richard Scarry :-)