Monday, June 13, 2011

Ronan's First Giants Game

Mom and her sleepy little boy making their way to AT&T Park

Yesterday was Ronan's first professional sporting event, and Mom was eager to get him indoctrinated as part of the SF Giants faithful. I'm not much of a baseball fan but the whole spectacle of going to a ball game at AT&T park - the picturesque venue, surprisingly nice weather, almost all of the 40,000 fans pulling for one team to prevail, fat-loaded food, the world champions playing, and excellent company - made for a fun early summer evening.

"We're number one!" Last year, yes. This year? Too early to tell.

The game was a treat for the three of us from Bhavesh Kaka and Mom's colleague Harvey - and their gift was a huge success. Ronan had fallen asleep in the car ride up so Mom had to wake Ronan in the parking lot. He was groggy as we made our way into the ballpark but he perked up when he received the giveaway at the gate - a SF Giants skateboard!

Out happy little guy showing off his new deck

Once inside Ronan was in heaven. He kept demanding "I want to go to the outfield!" and did not agree that the grass area should only be accessible to the ball players. Beyond left-center field there is a kid zone - slides and a play area - that surprisingly kept Ronan entertained for only a short while.

Game time! Ronan watched at least a few pitches before he wanted to go back to exploring the stadium.

What did keep his attention was the old cable car parked next to the jumbotron - in fact this was one of the most memorable highlights for Ronan's first game. Although our seats (both sets!) were on the thrid-base side Ronan made no less than four trips out to play on that cable car. He loved it.

Cable car fun. All aboard!

Quintessential Ronan: almost no attention paid to the game, acute attention paid to ensuring the cable car prop was legit

Another highlight for Ronan was the food. He wolfed down an entire ($8) polish sausage in a matter of minutes, much to the amazement of Bhavesh Kaka, Mom and I. He followed that up by eating a good 2/3rds of Mom's impressively large Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae (it was a full pint of ice cream & chocolate sauce).

Breathing was optional - Ronan devoured his polish sausage

An obviously happy Ronan and his hot fudge sundae. His pint of hot fudge sundae.

Sitting, not exactly Ronan's forte, is usually a big part of a baseball game (both as a player and a spectator!). To burn some energy we ran Ronan up and down the wide concrete ramps that go from ground level to the upper deck, and he loved the freedom of it. He also enjoyed standing at some impressive heights - in fact he wanted to jump off the balcony because he said it would be, "fun!"

Ronan liked climbing up to enjoy the view from the nosebleed seats

Per the request of Ronan's fellow Giants fan and school teacher Ziara, we were on the lookout for Lou the Seal (the mascot) and Tim Lincecum (a pitcher of note) to say, "hello". We didn't see Tim L but we found Lou the Seal on a paddle board out in McCovey Cove, goofing around with the kayakers that gather to wait for the possible home run that clears the right field wall. Ronan yelled and waved (and got a wave back) and protested when I wouldn't allow him to jump down the 30 ft wall to the walking path below.

Bhavesh Kaka and Ronan exchanging high-fives when the Giants scored

It was a great evening - a very big thank you to Bhavesh Kaka and Harvey for making it so. And to top it off the Giants won - 4 -2!

Heading home after a great evening at the park


CalBadger said...

OMG! You actually are encouraging Ronan to be a Giants fan! How could you betray the Padres like this? SD needs all the help they can get; you abandon them in their time of need!!!!! And how 'bout the no sugar rule for nutrition? I gotta admit, the sundae looked pretty darn good to me too! Bhav truly is a prince!

Holly Teetzel said...

Who did they play? Not that the opponent's name mattered to Ronan. Who'd a thought there would be so many interesting non-baseball things to do at the ballpark. What a great treat by Bhav and Harvey. Fun time.