Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And now, on to Scooting

A straight front wheel would be nice, but otherwise his pushing form is getting pretty good

Ronan's transition from push bike to pedal bike was faster than we expected; now he's working to master riding a scooter. Scooting has been solely his initiative as both Mom and I cringe at all of the cracks in the sidewalk that pose problems from the small scooter wheels.

I need to find an in-phone video editor (at least cropping start/stop points) to shorten the video to the relevant parts!

Even with Mom and my discouragement (or perhaps because of?), Ronan is becoming proficient at using his scooter. He'll zip around our deck with it's poor fitting boards and deftly weave around obstacles such as a hammock and a pair of adirondack chairs.

I recognize that look of bliss that comes from riding... be it on a scooter, skateboard, snowboard, or surfboard

On the street he seems at ease, not worried about things like sticks or other tree debris that may cause him problems. He even showboats a bit, either locking you in his gaze as he cruises by or doing something fancy with his non-scooting foot.

Showing the same dangerous deficiency he has on the bike - the inability to keep his eyes focused in front of him

Mom bought him a set of wrist/elbow/knee guards in preparation for his journey into skateboarding - if he keeps showing his tendencies for risky scooting, we'll armor him up before we let him off the deck.

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Holly Teetzel said...

These could be Tony Hawk's childhood videos - better get your insurance paid up! Wonder if I still have Todd's skateboard around here for R. to try out... Love how Nieve deftly disappears from the screen while you're focused on Ronan. She's got the distraction maneuver down cold already :-)