Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Girl's Got New Shoes

PJs & shoes... thankfully these shoes are more like moccasins

Nieve very well may be a fashionista in the making. Right now she's a "shoehorse" - our household's Imelda Marcos - and her passion for footwear is only increasing.

Nieve is excited to show off the motoring doggie on her shoe

Take for example her new Robeez. They are undeniably cute, and as they have a dog riding a little red (pink) Vespa I'm pretty sure Nana will approve. Unfortunately we ordered them two sizes too big for our dainty-footed little girl. We'll have to exchange them for a smaller size but Nieve won't stop wearing them... she made us put them back on *after* she had bathed and put on her PJs.

1 comment:

Holly Teetzel said...

Auntie Allison can identify, I'm sure (how many pairs of shoes did you get in San Diego, Allison? ha ha)
Nana thinks those shoes are The Bomb! I can see why Nieve loves them - I want a pair, too :-) Keep on stylin' little girl. The big bold fashion world awaits you!!