Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nieve's First Ice Cream Cone

Nieve, mimicking Mom's ice cream eating technique

Mom loves ice cream and now that summer has finally arrived she wanted to share this love with Nieve. According to Mom there is a proper method to introducing ice cream flavors to little ones - vanilla first as it's both the most agreeable to picky pallets as well as the least staining on their clothes.

Ronan knows his way around an ice cream cone

It was interesting to watch Nieve navigate the treat - she observed Ronan's cone-eating technique (he devoured it) but decided to take her own approach. In fact, for several minutes she would only fake a lick - she'd get it close to her mouth, make a "Mmmmnn" sound, and then giggle but not actually consume any ice cream. She was more interested in holding the cone and showing Mom her obviously treasured prize.

"Look! Ice cream!"

Nieve was not so sure she liked watching Mom eat her ice cream

Once Nieve did try the ice cream she was hooked. Not only did she love eating it, she now understood why Mom made such a big deal out of it. Nieve spent a good five minutes teasing Mom with her cone and not letter her have another bite.

Nieve won't let Mom have her ice cream cone

It's going to be a fun summer with lots of after dinner walks thanks to the warm evenings. To help keep the kids happy and cool I'm sure many of these walks will include Mom's favorite frozen treat!

A wagon and some ice cream - all that is required for the perfect post-dinner walk


Holly Teetzel said...

First Ice Cream Cone - a banner day. And I can see the little one has a mind of her own. Don't mess with my ice cream! Sooo cute - love the video, too :-)

melissa said...

Is she a Taurus? Such a cute video. Love it.

Holly Teetzel said...

Nope, she's an Aries.

CalBadger said...

Great video...enjoy Nieve's generosity while it lasts, Erik! Taurus? Aries?...Nah, she's a Teetzel--head strong, focused, and fully capable of getting what she wants, when she wants it, and how she wants it--even at this age! Stubborn? Oh, yah! Genetics is definitely at play here! You go Nieve!

Erik said...

Yes, Nieve certainly is an independent spirit... and she *loves* teasing, especially Mom. It almost never stops. She's also highly competitive (Mom claims, "I've never seen that much competitive drive in a 15-month old!")... we'll see how long that lasts.