Monday, July 25, 2011

A Night in SF

Pajama time for the little ones... Nieve was already fast asleep

On Friday we we took our friends Lisa and Rich up on their offer to join them for an evening in San Francisco. They have two little ones as well, Laina and Bennet, who are almost-5 and almost-3. Ronan and Nieve were in heaven - the four kids got to run around in a beautiful flat downtown, and watch the cars, busses, and streetcars make their way along Market Street ten stories below.

Ronan enjoying the city lights

Nieve loved enjoying the view - so much so that she used her socks to wipe away any smudges she made

It's fun to see just how creative kids are with new spaces. The deep window wells provided ample opportunity to climb and hide in, and when the kids were brave enough, a platform to jump off of. In the bedroom they made a massive pillow 'nest' and proceeded to use it as a giant down airbag to cushion their leaps off of the extra-tall beds.

A very fun interior to match the outside

The next morning we decided to get a tourist activity in and hoped to ride a cable car over Telegraph Hill. Unfortunately two hundred other people had the same idea before us, so we decided to ride a MUNI streetcar (trolley) to the Ferry Building instead.

Having fun in the back of the streetcar - Laina chose the best seats for our big group

Our historic streetcar - painted in the Baltimore Transit Company yellow and grey

The Saturday morning farmer's market made the Ferry Building Plaza a bustling place - Ronan was impressed by the sheer number of people milling about. He also desperately wanted to ride the zip line that was constructed overhead and was disappointed when I informed him he was not heavy enough.

No zip line for Ronan, but he did cajole some firefighters to let him sit in the cab and ring the engine's bell

After a tasty lunch and watching some boats on the bay we walked the kids back to the hotel. Both Ronan and Nieve crashed on the ride home - they were worn out from all of the playing and walking. Thanks Lisa, Rich, Laina & Bennet - let's do it again soon!

Watching for boats

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Holly Teetzel said...

What a cool "sleep over." Did the adults get any sleep? Isn't it amazing to see the world we take for granted through the eyes of children? City lights, down pillow nests, street car rides, etc. I'm sure the 4 kids renewed your sense of wonder in the ordinary. Note - Ronan sure is big!