Monday, August 8, 2011

Making Use of What's New

Daddy's new rain shell quickly became Ronan's firefighter's jacket

Last week I purchased a new rain jacket - while it's great for it's function (to keep me dry), it is day-glow yellow that hurts to look directly at. Ronan, being a connoisseur of emergency vehicles and their colors, recognized it as something that was designed to call attention.

The sleeves are a bit long, so Ronan has to be careful to keep his hands from disappearing into the cuffs.

Specifically he said it looked like the bright yellow some fire trucks carry and then proceeded to claim that this jacket was his. When asked, "what are you going to use this raincoat for?"
Ronan replied, "It's my new fire jacket."

Happy and even a bit proud of his stylish uniform

I give him credit - when he put on the jacket and his Junior Firefighter's hat he did look the part of a little firefighter. It's refreshing to experience the creativity and fun children bring to new things that are introduced in their environment. That jacket is still painful to look at, but with a smiling Ronan inside, it's a little easier on the eyes.


CalBadger said...

You should have "PAFD" stenciled on the back! I don't think your/his new jacket is hard to look at!!!!!

Holly Teetzel said...

A Patagonia firefighter coat, no less. No budget cuts in Palo Alto I guess :-)