Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ronan's Now a Harvest Mouse

He's the cheez whiz, just for Mom, on his first day in his new classroom

Today was Ronan's first day of his new pre-school class... he has moved from being a Tiger Beetle to a Harvest Mouse. Of course Mom wanted the obligatory first-day-of-school photo, so here it is. Ronan accommodated her wishes by smiling so hard his cheeks hurt.

Yet another wise guy for the Harvest Mouse classroom

He seemed to enjoy the new classroom and is quickly getting comfortable with his new teachers. There are bigger and newer toys to play with, including working sphygmomanometers and otoscopes, so that always makes things fun. While Ronan was entertained, I'll refrain from getting excited until they have a working x-ray computed tomography machine or electron microscope to play with (maybe next year, when he becomes a Red Legged Frog).


Holly Teetzel said...

What cute pix. He almost looks like a Harvest Mouse in the first one. I thought he told me he was going to be a red legged frog this year - guess he was a little ahead of himself, and hey, with all that medical equipment to "play" with he may be a full fledged doctor by first grade!
Did Nieve start today, too?

Erik said...

Nieve starts Thurs of next week... we'll see how she adjusts to a new set of 'authority' figures.

CalBadger said...

Is the real Ronan in picture #1 , picture #2, or somewhere in between? I vote for the "Wise guy," picture #2 in the best Teetzel tradition. A spitting image of his father or grandfather or great grandfather, for that matter...wise guys all the way! Rock on "harvest mouse," make us proud!!!