Sunday, August 28, 2011

To the Zoo

A leopard mid-snack

Another stop on our Del Mar vacation was the world famous San Diego Zoo. Both of the kids were excited to see the animals and upon entry Ronan picked the route we were to follow for the day. He was very clear - first the giraffes, then the elephants, then (polar) bears, followed by gorillas, then hippos and finally the tigers. It sounded like a good plan so off we set on foot.

Looking for bonobos

It turns out that walking large portions of varied terrain of the 100 acre park is a bit daunting for toddlers and pre-schoolers, especially in August weather. But we made the most of it and only had to skip visiting the hippos and tigers due to fatigue. Lunch breaks, slurpees, and interactive stations for the kids kept things fun and free of whining kids.

Loving the Skyfari

It was fun to observe what the kids enjoyed most - for Nieve it was probably the leopard eating lunch or the polar bears that were (sort of) goofing around in their exhibit. She also watched the rhinos for quite a while, though she seemed a bit more wary of them. It seemed like her favorite part was simply running around w/Nana... lots of giggles came from the two of them.

Yep, it's fun to run with Nana!

Ronan seemed most happy to be playing with the interactive displays (statues & exhibits designed for kids to get their hands on), especially the helicopter that was next to the Polar Bear Plunge. He also was a jokester, feigning being crushed by the foot of a mammoth and his arm eaten by a prehistoric lion. He also seemed to enjoy the gondola ride, smiling and pointing the entire trip across the park. His favorite animals? It was a tie, between the elephants and the rhino.

Our little jokester

Thanks Nana for treating all of us!

San Diego Zoo 2011

An album of more photos from the zoo

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Holly Teetzel said...

Yep, twas a fun time - always love to see how kids react to all the exotic animals. And I must say, your kids were the best behaved ones in the park :-)