Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beach Days

Heading to the surf

Of all the fun things we did in San Diego the one activity we did the most was go to the beach. On all but one of our days there we hit the surf and sand, spending as much time as we could enjoying the Del Mar beaches. Ronan loved it - in fact he asked to camp there one night - and he did it all, from swimming to surfing to building sandcastles.

Heading *to* surf

He also said he wanted to be a lifeguard. A job at the beach that lets you, "help people" while riding a quad or piloting a Zodiac is cool enough, but this year we happend upon the the lifeguards doing helicopter rescue training. Ronan watched with envy as the lifeguards would be taken by helicopter 100 yards out to sea and droppen in the water - it did look like a fun.

Looks like fun

Nieve had a more complicated relationship with the beach. She was at first afraid of the water but gradually her comfort with it grew as she pushed herself to go deeper. Mom and I loved the look of accomplishment and confidence she wore when she finally had overcome her fear.

Afraid no more!

As always we loved our time enjoying San Diego - a very big thank you to Nana for hosting us. The biggest drawback to the beach is the sand that you bring home with you - we can only imagine the piles of the white grainy stuff that Nana found in her vacuum from cleaning up after us!

Beach Days 2011

More photos in a web album of our Beach Days


Holly Teetzel said...

Nothing like a good summer beach vacation - yes, a good time was had by all. I'll reserve a place for Ronan in the Junior Life Guard program a few years hence. Thanks for coming down!

melissa said...

Love these photos! Wow it looks like the beach is pretty deserted in the video?! Never seen Powerhouse like that.

Erik said...

Mel - you're right, it was strangely deserted (although the park was roped off for safety reasons... so this helps it look deserted). My guess is being a cloudy weekday morning in August the locals thought it best to do something other than the beach until the marine layer burned off.