Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hot Chocolate!

Ronan testing his drink

There are few things that make Ronan and Nieve as happy as a little cup of hot chocolate. It's funny how much they enjoy this tasty treat - they even savor their drink, at least as much as young children can.

Nieve starting to sip as well

Mom is the kids' source for the treat and she spoils them by using high quality chocolate and whole milk. She makes an entire event of it, having Ronan and Nieve participate in preparing their drink.

"Oooh! Tasty!"

Mom serves the chocolate milk in little bright red swiss expresso mugs courtesy of Ronan's first BFF Laurin. I'm surprised at how adept both Ronan and Nieve are in using the tiny handles.

Getting to the bottom of it

Yes, when the chocolate milk is all gone there are requests for more but rarely do these pleas turn into full blown tantrums. Thirty minutes later we do notice a spike in the kids' energy level, but we anticipate the change so we make sure the kids are outside before they get too wild.

A chocolate milk moustache means a happy little girl


CalBadger said...

Are these photographs of some well satisfied children or what...I can just taste the hot chocolate now. I hope to sample their homemade brew soon!

Todd said...

Sweet, I know what Uncle Todd will be doing with the kiddos next visit. Peet's hot cholate is pretty tasty.

Holly Teetzel said...

Nothin' says lovin' like a good cup of hot chocolate! Cute pix :-)