Monday, September 5, 2011

Lazy Labor Day

Enjoying the peaceful fountain... together

All four of us came down with a cold this week so rather than doing something adventurous or strenuous on our holiday we decided to keep things mellow and stay close to home. Ronan wanted to get out on his bicycle and do some 'exploring Stanford' - when he says 'exploring Stanford' what he really means is 'go find some big machines'.

Happy? Happy.

Stanford seems to be perpetually under construction and Ronan knows all the spots where they store the heavy equipment. Like a homing pigeon he guided us straight to the largest cache of machines on campus. Nieve was along for the ride and seemed almost as eager as Ronan to get her hands greasy.

It's like playing in a sandbox, only with bigger, better toys!

It was fun to see what the kids enjoyed - Ronan was fascinated by a construction site sweeper (a crude version of a street sweeper) and said that he was going to, "drive the maintenance truck home."

"We need one of these to clean the house!"

When I asked, "what about your bike?"

He replied, "My bike? I'm just going to put it in the bed of the truck and drive it home too."

This is how Nieve rolls...

Nieve preferred to get in the biggest, baddest loader in the yard and pretend like she was demolishing stuff by making loud crushing sounds.

Bigger *is* better

Happy girl at the helm of her monster loader

She also enjoyed using the joysticks in a smaller excavator that was easy for her to climb into. Ronan too found a different mini-excavator ('with tracks!") that was fun for him to pretend was operational.

A mini excavator for a mini Nieve

Ronan wanted to bring this machine home

Mom joined us later, just in time for lunch. We found a spot on the steps in front of a fountain and the kids were able to enjoy the water while they munched their sandwiches.

When trick riding a wall goes wrong... you end up in the jasmine

After more bike riding (some of which was Ronan's stunt performances) we headed home to finish off the day with a nice dinner in the backyard. Given how much fun Nieve and Ronan had, I imagine we will be doing more exploration of heavy equipment in the weekends to come.


Holly Teetzel said...

What a great outdoor activity - big road machines and even bigger imaginations. They'd love the diggers that dredge out our lagoons. Your first photo of the little bobble-heads by the fountain is darling. Hope you all get well soon!

Rudy Swanson said...

I’m sure that Ronan wants that simple version of the street sweeper for his enjoyment. :D You know, kids easily get satisfied just by riding on this kind of vehicle. Your kids would be delighted if you get to have your own mini street sweeper. But I guess that’s one dream that would have to wait. Haha!

Rudy Swanson