Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mountain Biking

Ronan on single track

Ronan has been asking to try out mountain biking for many months and we finally took him this morning to ride at our favorite local preserve, Arastradero. It's a great spot to learn how to ride off road - the hills are mostly moderate and there is a good mix of single track and wide fire roads. The only drawback is the all too frequent spots of horse poop scattered across the trail.

Mountain biking meant lots of smiles

Ronan was surprisingly adept at handling his bike on the new terrain with only a couple of spills during the couple miles of riding. Off-pavement riding is not entirely new to him as he always takes the dirt path option (he calls it "bumpy road") when available next to biking routes around our neighborhood.

Me and Ronan, cheezing mid-ride

Nieve and Mom decided to hike and we were fortunate to meet up mid-ride/hike for a snack. Nieve loved walking around, greeting hikers as they passed, and riding in Mom's backpack along the trail. Given how interested she was in our bicycles I'm guessing she will be joining us on rides as soon as her legs are long enough to reach the pedals!

"Now! Give me a bicycle, now!"


Holly Teetzel said...

Sweet - looks like fun for everyone - and some nice warm, sunny weather, too.

Erik said...

'Twas nice. More remarkable is the anti-shake technology in YouTube... it's a simple as pressing a button and it makes videos much more appealing to watch.

Holly Teetzel said...

You'll have to give me a YouTube tutorial next time I see you!