Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nieve, Now a Starry Flounder

A proud little girl, ready for her first day of school

Today was Nieve's first day in daycare, and like Ronan's first day two years ago it was a bit of a bumpy transition. She was fine during the drop off, exploring the space and getting to know her fellow classmates. But, according to her teachers, once she realized she was no longer in the company of adults whom she knew Nieve started acting out a bit more and requiring some focused attention.

Just a touch of attitude can help make transitions easier

Every child handles new situations differently; here are a few things Nieve decided to do, in protest of the transition:
- Not nap. Granted she was only at school for a few hours (Grammy picked her up early) but even
- Hunger strike. Nieve loves salmon, the dish served for lunch, but she refused to eat in her classroom. She even refused to eat in Grammy's car leaving the facility
- Assert her frustration on her classmates. If she wanted a toy, she would simply go get it, even if that toy was in the hands of a classmate. It turned out that all of the toys Nieve wanted just happened to be in the hands of her classmates. This kept the teachers very busy!

Fortunately for Nieve she has a very sweet older brother attending the same school - he remembered that it was her first day and left his class to go visit her. This seemed to really brighten her spirits - by the time Grammy arrived for pickup no Nieve tears were evident. It really was of his own doing - both Mom and I are quite proud of both of our little ones for managing the day as best as they could. And hopefully tomorrow the new surroundings seem more comfortable to Nieve!


CalBadger said...

Oh my goodness, is Nieve growing up! She's growing up and thinning out--lucky girl! As for her behavior, you can trace that directly through her genes...depending on how you look at it, she'll get better---or worse! What a treasure she is!

Holly Teetzel said...

Showin' some 'tude. Yep, that little girl has it going on. Her "protests" were effective it would seem, but soon she'll learn to go with the flow of the classroom. Give big brother 2 gold stars for his thoughtfulness :-)
Love the pix. So cute!

Erik said...

This morning was a different story - Nieve was wise to what was happening. As soon as I said 'goodbye' she erupted in a cat 4 meltdown. I thought it would take her longer to figure out the pattern... hopefully this means she'll adapt quicker as well!

Holly Teetzel said...

Oh dear... you have your hands full. Never underestimate the tenacity of a determined woman! Hoping for a better time next week - perhaps trade new shoes for no tears. Bribery is allowed :-)