Monday, September 26, 2011

Top Knot to Pig Tails

"Can you spy something new with my 'do?"

Nieve is slowly outgrowing her signature coiffure - the top knot - due to the increasing length and volume of her hair. It's too long in back to be left unattended but not long enough in front to do a proper pony tail, so it's off to the sides as pig tails.

What once was one now is two!

New hair, same curious little mind

As parents we're mixed on the result. First, pig tails require quite a bit more work in the morning. Second, it makes Nieve look older and that is not good. Time is passing far too quickly for our liking; no need to have a hairstyle remind us of that. Finally, we miss the little fountain spout that would bob around like a quail's plume when Nieve would march from place to place. These side plumes seem more stiff and less ebullient.

"Two plumes, one for each ear!"

That said the new 'do does get the hair (mostly) out of her face and off of her neck and Nieve seems happier for it. It also means that Nieve has two sprouts to decorate with bobbles, which is twice the fun as one!

A messy face and lots of bright stripes make for a happy girl


Holly Teetzel said...

Love the little piggies - and Nieve seems very happy with them, too. I suppose if you're a bear for punishment, you could do 3 tails - one on top and one on each side - esp. if she's into "bling" (more to decorate.) The down side is the strange stares she would get from people if you go for 3! Really darling photos, E. That little girl is a cutie - reminds me of a pixie or elf or sprite.

blueskywomancreationsforinspiration said...

definitely love the piggy tails & the stripes :) What a beautiful little girl...You can see the wonder in her eyes....enjoyed the lovely pics....Children are the light & joy in our lives...Blessings~