Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bathtub Styling

Rockin' the 'hawk

Ronan likes to play in the tub and an activity that is always fun is crazy hair styling. It's been a bath time tradition and he's come al long way since his first attempts at the punk-inspired 'do.

A more sophisticated, dapper Ronan

His favorite coiffure is a mohawk but on occasion we can convince him to try something new. This evening he fashioned a formal, slicked-back look departing from his normally shaggy, tussled hair. Unfortunately it remains a struggle to get him to run a comb through his hair when he's getting dressed in the morning.

Sometimes even tough guys can flash a sweet smile

Needless to say we are waiting for his playfulness at bath time to translate into proper grooming habits!

1 comment:

Holly Teetzel said...

What cute shots - they'd make a cute triptych. Ronan looks oh so sophisticated in the slicked back pose - very nice. As for interest in personal hygiene & proper grooming habits, don't get your hopes up until the terrible teens when the opinions of girls will be the catalyst.