Sunday, October 23, 2011

College Football with Grandpa

Ronan's ready for some football!

Grandpa, a big college football fan, wanted to treat Ronan and me to a game up here at Stanford this season. Our schedules finally aligned this weekend so Grandpa made the trip up from Cambria on a day that boasted perfect football weather.

Grandpa and Ronan enjoying some college football

The entire afternoon was a blast, starting with a bicycle ride over to Masters Grove for a tailgate party thrown by some friends. Ronan enjoyed learning how to play catch with an older boy while Grandpa talked college football with those who really knew the game. We headed over to the stadium just before kickoff and found that even our 'cheap seats' provided an excellent vantage point to watch the action.

The sun setting at Stanford Stadium

Sitting quietly is not Ronan's forte, so after a few drives by both schools we decided to explore the stadium. Ronan found one of the four winches used to control the Skycam and we chatted with one of the technicians about how it worked. Ronan was impressed that the cable was made of kevlar and included fiber optics in the center of it. Ronan also seemed to be socializing with just about anyone in red that would look at him - during one of our walks his gregariousness got us invited to sit with a family down at field level (which Ronan declined as he just wanted to talk, not sit).

It was dark by halftime

After a Stanford Dog for dinner and another stint watching football (or, more accurately, watching fans that seem to be more active than the players) Ronan wanted to explore some more. The sun had set and it had grown dark; Ronan noticed moths congregating at one of the path lights. At first when a moth bumped into him Ronan would jump away and exclaim, "He tickled me! He tickled me!" but eventually Ronan settled down and was able to 'catch' moths by gently placing his hand in a position that the moth would climb to. He was very proud that he caught his little flying friend and even chased a security guard around with it (she was tough on people but terrified of bugs... she literally started running from Ronan).

To catch a moth...

A happy boy and his fuzzy winged friend

By the beginning of the fourth quarter Ronan was showing signs of fatigue, and, given the mile or so bike ride home that awaited us, we decided to call it an evening (Stanford was up 48-14... not much uncertainty left at that point). On the dark ride home Ronan seemed to revel in scaring pedestrians by sneaking up from behind and ringing his little bell. He would literally hunt for students walking in groups, ride up on the sidewalk behind them, ring his bell, and laugh manically as he darted past. No amount of admonishment would stop him.

Thank you Grandpa!

By the time we got home Ronan was thoroughly exhausted but a very happy little boy. Many thanks to Grandpa for a great idea and a wonderful day - we look forward to doing it again next year!

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Holly Teetzel said...

What a fun afternoon/evening for you "boys." I especially like the photo of Ronan holding the moth - sooo cute.