Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Head, Take Three

Now we know who Ronan gets his dashing good looks from...

One annual ritual our family enjoys is the autumn trip to the coast to pick out our pumpkins for Halloween. Normally we head to San Gregorio but this year we took advantage of a weekend we spent in Santa Cruz to get our gourds.

Nieve knows the best way to inspect pumpkins is to be right there in the wagon with them

The new patch was an interesting little farm with lots of ghoulish props that kept us entertained. Having our friends along for pumpkin picking made it even more fun, with Ronan an Nieve excitedly exploring the grounds with Else and Linnea. At one point Linnea and Nieve held hands as they walked down a path to visit a horse... it was very cute to see the two of them enjoying the stroll and each other.

Holding hands on a stroll...

As expected, Ronan was most intrigued by the spooky mannequins that were operating machinery and he spend a bunch of time making friends with the werewolf that was driving an old rusty tractor. When he tired of the Halloween monsters Ronan walked up the path to the horse and geese that were eager to greet visitors.

Werewolves are great for scaring people but not so hot at piloting tractors

In the end we found a few acceptable pumpkins in a variety of colors. More deliciously, the farm had a u-pick berry patch, so the kids picked fresh raspberries and strawberries that were excellent for lunch!

One last hurrah - Ronan sports the Linda Walter's Pumpkin Hat before giving it to Nieve

The infamous Pumpkin Hat has been passed on!

For more pictures, view an album of photos from our day at the farm.


CalBadger said...

Looks like everybody had a great time exploring the patch and getting to know some people with different genetic make-ups! I especially like the pix of the two girls walking hand-in-hand!

Holly Teetzel said...

Looks like that pumpkin hat will need to go to Julie's or Gina's babies next year. Your kids are growing up so quickly, dad! Happy Halloween one and all :-)