Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Memory Like Mom's

Nieve plays with the little VW Bug

Last week our neighbors Bob and Isabel gave Ronan and Nieve a treasure chest of miniature vehicles and amongst the fire engines and race cars Nieve found her favorite - a metallic green VW bug.

She pulled the bug out yelled definitively, "Gr Puh Puh!" She was adamant about it - Gr Puh Puh - we had no idea what she was talking about until Mom ask, "Do you mean Grandpa?"

Nieve's signature nod and, "Yee-aa-uh!" confirmed it. And it dawned on us - Grandpa drives a bright red VW bug, and she was noting this little toy was the same as Grandpa's car.

"Is that the kind of car Grandpa drives?" Mom asked.

"Huh, Yes." Nieve seemed slightly annoyed that she had to state the obvious to us.

The 'Gr Puh Puh' car is good enough for her toes

It surprised us that Nieve would associate VW Bugs with Grandpa, given that she's seen his car maybe a half-dozen times. Like Ronan her memory appears to be quite keen and it's sorely needed in our household, given how forgetful I've become. Mom's happy too as this gives her another able body to help me find my keys in the morning.

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Holly Teetzel said...

She's a sharp little cookie for sure. Good to have a daughter with a keen memory - I always relied on Allison who could find or remember what I was looking for!