Monday, November 21, 2011

Nieve Finds Water on Mars

"Eureka! Water on the red planet!"

Nieve, ever the explorer, went to "Mars" (the tennis courts near our house) and confirmed that the red planet does have water present. She also confirmed that Mars water is similar to Earth water in that it gets clothes wet but it seems to be a bit more 'icky'.

All great discoveries are celebrated with a jig

Ronan wanted to quantify behavior on a planet where gravity is less than Earth. His testing showed that Mars water does travel farther when splashed vigorously with an instrument. Directional splashing, when targeted at some of the other visitors to Mars, resulted in superior accuracy than the equivalent on Earth.

The stick-whip-through-water test posted some impressive results, and an even more impressive reaction from a fellow explorer known as 'Mom'