Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Posing for Photos

It's usually a tough sell to get Ronan to smile for the camera - at best he ignores you and at worst he'll run and hide. But if you ask him to be silly he'll ham it up while posing happily until he gets a photo that he likes. The other night he was making goofy faces for the camera and after each shot he'd want to review the capture for approval. Below are some of the photos that Ronan deemed 'acceptable'.

"No, YOU eat YOUR veggies"

"My dessert is gone"

"But I don't wanna eat my broccoli"

"Um, maybe I can get my sister to eat it..."

"Ha ha! She's eating it!"

1 comment:

Holly Teetzel said...

Stand up comics beware. Late Night with Ronan will be airing soon on a station near you!