Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Budding Fashionista

Nieve pulling a serious pose in a dress Auntie Alysia & Uncle Mikey gave her for her first birthday. She wore it for our Christmas dinner; guests were impressed!

Nieve likes her high fashion, from shoes to purses to dresses. While we try not to tell her she's 'pretty' too often she lights up when you associate that adjective with her appearance.

Nieve doing her 'happy baby' rocking back and forth on the floor... because she's sporting her new kicks

I suppose there could be worse vices: Mom and I remain fascinated by Nieve's love of dressing up and posing in her clothes. She even seems to notice when others are getting primped and prettied, or when new clothes (for any of us) are brought into the house.

Nieve (and Ronan) gave Mom a hat for Christmas, which quickly went to Nieve after she like the way it looked when Mom modeled it

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Holly Teetzel said...

Nieve knows pretty dresses and shoes, that's for sure. Maybe a career in fashion or modeling? Happy New Year little Fashionista :-)