Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hiking Foothills Park

The kids taking a well deserved brake at the Foothill Park lake

Foothills Park, unfortunately only accessible for Palo Alto residents, is great spot to spend a morning. There is a small lake, lots of trails criss-crossing surrounding foothills, an interpretive center, and of course plenty of wildlife.

Ronan found plenty of ducks to quack at

When we want a quick dip with the kayaks, the Foothill lake is the spot to do it - easy entry/exit, no current, and even a fun little island to circumnavigate. Last weekend we decided to hike to the little island and Ronan led the way, following the water's edge until he found the bridge to the island.

Nieve and her giraffe trail running

Nieve loved running the trails as fast as her little legs would carry her. When she tired she would either plop down where she was or demand to be placed in our child-carrying backpack.

Enjoying the view from the bridge

Nieve testing out the effets of objects being dropped into the water

Ronan was clearly in his element, exploring the trails (and non-trails) with gusto. He was the designated wildlife spotter (deer & ducks were most prevalent) and rattled through the various what-to-do protocols for wildlife encounters. His 'run away!' instructions for encountering a bull moose might be right but I've been meaning to Google it to make sure.

On the lookout for wildlife

It was a fun way to spend the morning - best of all the strenuous hiking made for a quiet and enjoyable naptime later in the day!


Holly Teetzel said...

How often does one encounter a bull moose at Foothills Park?

Looks like a fun, if chilly, hike. Nap time later is an added bonus :-)

Erik said...

Yes, not often I assume. Ronan did get the mountain lion response correct - pull out the camera and take as many photos as possible!