Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nieve Counts at Dinner

Nieve the little ham

A week ago Nieve surprised us during dinner as she rattled off numbers, counting from one to thirteen with an air of indifference. By the time we found a camera to record her, she was making funny faces and feigning fright from the expected flash. It appears Nieve knows when/how to put on a show. Mom loves Nieve's funny little looks so I'm posting the video for you to enjoy.

Nieve's efforts at dinner reminded me of Ronan a couple of years ago - also counting to ten.

Ronan is counting on me!

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Holly Teetzel said...

That is too cute. Nieve is certainly conditioned (adversely) to the flash - guess no flash pix for Granpa Roger this year :-) I just love how Nieve and Ronan pronounce their numbers. Big Smiles from Nana :-)