Saturday, December 10, 2011

Portola Pastures

Nieve and Mom make a new friend

We had plenty of warm sunshine today so we headed out to hike at our local favorite, Arastradero Park. Unfortunately it was volunteer fix-it day meaning there was no parking to be found. Instead we headed just up the road to Portola Pastures to walk the stables and watch some horses train.

Nieve likes horses so long as they are not too pushy and give her some room

Both Ronan and Nieve love animals and they especially enjoy horses. Nieve loves to mimic a horse's trot: Better yet, she likes to have me hold her and then mimic a trot wherever she directs.

Ronan introduced himself to Yaya and the two quickly became friends

Ronan usually enjoys checking out the farm equipment but today he was far more interested in the animals. I was surprised to see how many horses he approached on his own, without prompting nor presence from either Mom or I.

Ronan showing a gentle confidence with Yaya that put the her at ease

I was even more surprised at how much he studied the horses - their manners, their likes, their movements. Ronan would listen as friendly owners would explain to us their horse's personality traits and what type of petting their animal enjoyed. He was notably gentle and the horses seemed to respond in kind - today may have been an anomaly or Ronan may have a touch of horse trainer in him.

Ronan went so far as to talk to the horse - sadly, though, no Mr. Ed-ian response was given


CalBadger said...

I'm glad Ronan is feeling better and mostly recovered...Now is this your way of saying Ronan and Nieve want horses (or, at least, ponies) for Christmas? If so, Di and I will ride "em up to Palo Alto on Christmas Eve rather than driving Bucky (our red VW convertible)!

Holly Teetzel said...

Cute photos - now that the kids know horses you can explain "horse power" as it relates to internal combustion engines. Ronan will be thrilled with the connection. And hey, a career as a horse trainer is not bad. I have a friend whose husband was a trainer and he made the big bucks :-)

Erik said...

CalBadger - yes, the kids would love horses. If you also pay for their quartering & food, bring 'em up with you! :-)

Holly - sounds like a plan but his generation will be more interested in 'KiloWatts' than horsepower. (1hp = .746 kW) At least, I hope so.

Holly Teetzel said...

Yeah, by the time they're driving I guess they won't even know the internal combustion engine ever existed - a good thing maybe.