Friday, November 25, 2011

Snack Time

Ronan's new food face & Nieve's innate skepticism

Yesterday Nieve and Ronan ate their body weights in Thanksgiving food; we assumed both would have diminished appetites today to allow their little stomaches to recover.

"Hey, these cookies are great!"

So far that does not seem to be the case. After a large breakfast both Ronan and Nieve were clamoring for a snacks; today that turned out to be an egg, a cheese stick, some crackers, and finally some cheddar bunny treats - each.

Even Ronan cannot frown forever...

Nieve was simply delighted to have food while Ronan took the opportunity to make faces again for the camera. What the photos do not show is just how cute the two of them looked, bundled up and sitting on their portable chairs, enjoying a snack together side by side.

A happy little girl

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nieve Finds Water on Mars

"Eureka! Water on the red planet!"

Nieve, ever the explorer, went to "Mars" (the tennis courts near our house) and confirmed that the red planet does have water present. She also confirmed that Mars water is similar to Earth water in that it gets clothes wet but it seems to be a bit more 'icky'.

All great discoveries are celebrated with a jig

Ronan wanted to quantify behavior on a planet where gravity is less than Earth. His testing showed that Mars water does travel farther when splashed vigorously with an instrument. Directional splashing, when targeted at some of the other visitors to Mars, resulted in superior accuracy than the equivalent on Earth.

The stick-whip-through-water test posted some impressive results, and an even more impressive reaction from a fellow explorer known as 'Mom'

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Memory Like Mom's

Nieve plays with the little VW Bug

Last week our neighbors Bob and Isabel gave Ronan and Nieve a treasure chest of miniature vehicles and amongst the fire engines and race cars Nieve found her favorite - a metallic green VW bug.

She pulled the bug out yelled definitively, "Gr Puh Puh!" She was adamant about it - Gr Puh Puh - we had no idea what she was talking about until Mom ask, "Do you mean Grandpa?"

Nieve's signature nod and, "Yee-aa-uh!" confirmed it. And it dawned on us - Grandpa drives a bright red VW bug, and she was noting this little toy was the same as Grandpa's car.

"Is that the kind of car Grandpa drives?" Mom asked.

"Huh, Yes." Nieve seemed slightly annoyed that she had to state the obvious to us.

The 'Gr Puh Puh' car is good enough for her toes

It surprised us that Nieve would associate VW Bugs with Grandpa, given that she's seen his car maybe a half-dozen times. Like Ronan her memory appears to be quite keen and it's sorely needed in our household, given how forgetful I've become. Mom's happy too as this gives her another able body to help me find my keys in the morning.

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Good to be Dad

Parenthood requires sacrifice, and I don't know any parent that would call raising children 'glamorous', but having little ones around sometimes has it's benefits. It's moments like those in the photos below that make all of the sleepless nights and groggy days worth it.

This is the reception I get after a ride home from work. Beats a red carpet and trumpets any day.

A favorite of both Ronan and Nieve - the Daddy Dog Pile

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Posing for Photos

It's usually a tough sell to get Ronan to smile for the camera - at best he ignores you and at worst he'll run and hide. But if you ask him to be silly he'll ham it up while posing happily until he gets a photo that he likes. The other night he was making goofy faces for the camera and after each shot he'd want to review the capture for approval. Below are some of the photos that Ronan deemed 'acceptable'.

"No, YOU eat YOUR veggies"

"My dessert is gone"

"But I don't wanna eat my broccoli"

"Um, maybe I can get my sister to eat it..."

"Ha ha! She's eating it!"

Sunday, November 6, 2011

GI Strikes Again

This is the best smile Ronan could muster...

Unfortunately Ronan caught his second GI bug in a month - he spent all of last night throwing up. Today was a little better but he was still unable to consistently keep food down. He undoubtably caught it from school - we received an email notice on Friday that this nasty little bug was making it's way through the classes. Nieve has not shown symptoms yet but at least one of her classmates was sent home with GI problems on Friday. It's probably only a matter of time before Nieve goes through this as well.

Being sick is so sad...

The last time Ronan passed the bug to the other three of us (and we all caught it at the same time... exactly two days after Ronan showed symptoms). Mom has been hyper diligent with hygiene - separate towels, washing hands until they are cracked and bleeding, and using bleach judiciously in the bathrooms. We've been plying Ronan with the usuals - whites (rice, plain yogurt, bananas, chicken) and Gatorade/Pediolyte; we hope the diet quiets things down. Ronan, heal quickly - we miss your spunk!