Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Tree Harvesting

Mom and I have been going to RSV for four years running... our family has doubled in size since our first trip!

One an annual ritual we keep is heading to the Rancho Siempra Verde to harvest the 'perfect' Christmas tree. By 'perfect' we mean one that will fit into our house and be capable of sufficiently displaying our ornaments and lights.

Make note: judging from these photos, swings = smiles

Uncle Mike, Makena & Maia trying out the big swing

Unlike most years we did our 2011 trip the Sunday after Thanksgiving thanks to a light schedule and excellent weather. Like most years Auntie Sheila joined us as well as Uncle Mike and cousins Makena and Maia.

Auntie She measuring height of the swing

Nieve banging out Mozart's Third Sonata in C Major

The warm weather meant a lack of mud (too bad for Ronan!) but the usual attractions were as fun as always. The dozen or more different swings (including different types such as ultra-long, multi-person, spring loaded, and tire swings) were fun - we spent most of our time testing out the various types.

Unconventional but clearly fun

Maia showing how it's done

Makena gets into the swing of things

Yep, it's this fun

The haystack maze made for fun hide & seek and the large xylophone was a favorite of Nieve. Although we did not get a chance to drive the tractor Mom & the kids were able to hitch a short ride behind one.

Ronan jumps off of the haystack

Ronan found a small hole in the haystack maze

The bonfire, roasted marshmallows, and smores were of course still a hit with the kids, as were the various Cozy Coupes that were festively decorated for little ones.

The obligatory Cozy Coupe shot... next year Ronan may not fit!

Three happy girls

Horsing around on an old stump from a previous Christmas tree

As always our trip to RSV was both a blast and a success - Ronan and Mom found a fantastic little tree whilst we laughed and played. Many thanks to Auntie Sheila, Uncle Mike, and cousins Makena and Maia for joining us!

Our family & 2011 Christmas tree


Holly Teetzel said...

What a great tradition - looks like fun for all ages. Your photo of Ronan in mid air is very cool. And the "family portrait" deserves framing :-)

Todd said...

Great pics E!