Saturday, January 7, 2012

Even Crazier Hair for 2012

A profile shot of Nieve's massive mane

Nieve has been known to sport crazy hair (with other examples here, here, here and here), but this morning's 'do topped all other performances do date. Mom undid last night's pony tail and out popped Nieve's hair as if she'd been shocked from a 220V outlet.

This is not your typical 20-month-old's hair

Nieve has an unusually large volume of hair for someone her age - while we love the way it looks it can be a challenge to keep it under control. This mass of hair is not unprecedented on Mom's side of the family - there are countless stories (and a few photos) of the adventures of Auntie Sheila's hair.

Yes it's crazy and at the moment out of control

Mom is clearly more proficient at keeping Nieve's mop in check - every time I try to pull it back, hair shoots out of the most unexpected places. As for hardware, to successfully tame Nieve's mop, no less than two elastic hair bands and two barrets are required.

1 comment:

Holly Teetzel said...

Gives the term "bad hair day" new meaning! I say go for a short cropped bob - very cute (and easier on the parents!)