Saturday, February 4, 2012

Go Climb a Tree

From up on his perch Ronan watches Nieve start to climb

One skill Mom has been teaching Ronan and Nieve is how to properly climb a tree. At a local park there are a couple of low growing pine trees that have shallow sloping lower branches, a convenient starting place to develop climbing skills.

Thinking about going higher

Thankfully Ronan has become wise to the annoyance of pine sap; as he makes his way to a resting spot on a limb he avoids any shinny resin he finds. He also seems to understand that falling from 6-7 feet would result in a painful landing so he is careful to hold on tightly and call for help when he needs it.

Ronan found a secure spot up in the tree... he spent the next 10 mins banging higher branches with a stick (we have no idea why, other than him just being a boy)

Nieve is a bit less concerned about falling (she has yet to experience a real fall) and a bit more self assured with her climbing prowess, so she's less diligent about making smart hand/foot placements. She's also a bit more headstrong, continually instructing, "Self! Self!" whenever Mom or I would try to help her.

Nieve's a happy girl when she gets to climb

Given Nieve's love of and aptitude for climbing (not to mention her determination) we're guessing in a couple of years that she'll be a good climbing partner for Ronan. He's always (mostly) sweet and accommodating to her; even if there is a skill gap, Ronan will likely make sure the two of them reach great heights together.

Perhaps the makings of a good climbing tandem

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Holly Teetzel said...

What fun - and cute pix. Love that Ronan avoids the sap - is that part of Tree Climbing 101? Sounds like it won't be long before Nieve is up there with Ronan whacking the higher branches :-)