Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lambs, Chickens, and Creek Walks

Mom and the kids conversing with a sheep

The weather was agreeable this weekend (especially for mid-February), and the kids were up for a small adventure, so we decided to visit Hidden Villa in the Los Altos Hills. Being a working farm things change with the seasons - earlier this week brought the arrival of some tiny lambs to the sheep stable.

A newborn... so clumsy, so cute

"Oooh... soooo sooooft"

Nieve was interested in the lambs but no more so than the other sheep; she was simply interested in the awkward, noisy creatures on the other side of the gate. Ronan, on the other hand, thought the little lambs irresistibly cute and even talked to them in his gentle, cutsie 'soothe the baby' voice that he typically keeps for Nieve when she's crying.

Nieve the climber - I stopped to snap this shot before I caught her en route to clearing the top of the fence

What Nieve didn't appreciate was the pecks that the chickens gave her. Ronan didn't even notice it but Nieve threw a little fit after a hen pecked at her hand. I spend a good 15 minutes both laughing and consoling her as she would yell at the chickens, "No chicken! No bite on Nieve's hand! No chicken!"

Nieve eyeing the very chickens that she would soon scold

Yelling at chickens must be exhausting because Nieve barely made it through lunch before she wanted (demanded) to be taken to the car. Mom humored her which meant I was the fortunate parent who got to join Ronan on one of his 'creek walks', a rambling exploration of whatever running water is nearby. It was fun to watch him explore and at the same time try to accommodate my, "don't wade any deeper than your mid-boot" rule. On his walk he found leaves, sticks, rocks, eddies, moss, ducks and a 'keep out' sign.

Tromping up a stream

Ronan found something he could throw

After exploring all that he could (the 'keep out' sign, stretched across the stream, put a boundary on what would otherwise take days to walk) we headed back to the car to make sure Mom had survived Nieve's critique of the outing. We found both of them in better spirits, reading happily in the warmth of the car.

Yes, some of the best things in life come naturally to little children

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Holly Teetzel said...

Hidden Villa looks like a really cool place. Given the size of the chickens relative to Nieve's size, I'm not surprised she was intimidated by them. Imagine a bird that came up to your waist! Looks like the ramblin' walk with Ronan was a hit. Great outing & cute pix.