Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Giraffe no More

Nieve feels like a princess when her hair is properly done

Nieve's hair seems to generate enough content to have it's own blog, and that's expected as her hair seems to have a mind of it's own. After witnessing a couple of days of shameful hairdos, Nieve's teachers at school (in this case Zaira) took matters into their own hands and wrestled her mane into a beautiful French braid.

Profile shot

When I saw Nieve's 'do I couldn't believe the detail that went into it. I'm still not sure how it was done but clearly lots of skill and patience were applied, especially given Nieve is an active almost-two year old. It was beautiful and fun (very much personifying my view of Nieve); I was hesitant to undo it the next morning (if not for all of the crazy wisps that came out during her sleep, she would still be sporting the braids).

Oh the detail!

Mom had a similarly happy-stunned reaction and kept making comments like, "How did Zaira get her to sit for that? How?"

I empathize with Mom, but moreso I'm happy there is someone Nieve trusts to put her hair into beautiful, fun coiffures. Nieve seems to enjoy her fancy hairstyles at least as much as we do - that night she couldn't stop smiling at herself in the mirror.

Nieve's do is just like her - beautiful and fun

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Holly Teetzel said...

Ohhh, she looks so cute! Zaira is a master. Perhaps she can give mom & dad lessons on doing a french twist. Cute hairstyle on little Nieve.