Friday, March 30, 2012

Playing in the Rain

Setting off on an adventure

Ronan's an experienced hand when it comes to making the most out of a rainy day but Nieve is still getting her feet wet (har har har). Last weekend Ronan took Nieve on a "rain walk", which is essentially puddle splashing, worm finding, and lots of giggling.


...and down

For Ronan the bigger the splash the better so he spent most of his time leaping in the air and coming down with a flat-footed splash. He would also dash through a puddle trying to send water as far as possible with every step.

Rain gives Ronan a great excuse to make a mess

Both kids were enamored with debris movement in the little currents. They place leaves or twigs in the water and inquisitively followed their path downstream. Ronan pointed out the little, "waterfalls!" which became Nieve's exclamation whenever she found swiftly flowing water.

An action shot of worm hunting

Nieve clearly liked splashing through the gutter and watching the waves her boots made in the water. She also liked the idea of finding things *in* the water, though Ronan was typically more successful at picking up the worms that he'd find.

Observant Nieve found the cherry blossom petals that were knocked off the tree by the rain

Nieve also built damns to change the course of the water; she was fascinated by the little eddies that formed when the water would flow by an object she put in the stream's path.

A happy girl with an umbrella

But what Nieve seemed to enjoy most was posing and playing with the little lady bug umbrella Mom had purchased for Ronan a couple of years ago. She would twirl it and pose, waiting for Mom or I to give her an approving smile. She even went so far as to offer me shelter under it when the rain started up again.

Confident Nieve posing with her prized umbrella

Eventually Ronan and Nieve's 'waterproof' clothing gave way to the constant splashing; the onset of frozen little fingers and toes marked the end of a very fun time outside. But the weather forecast for this weekend indicates that Ronan and Nieve will get another chance to test their rain walking skills again!


melissa said...

such a fun time of discovery!

Holly Teetzel said...

Amazing how the little ones "discover" things we adults just take for granted. Through the eyes of a child..... so true.