Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ronan Turns Four, Nieve Turns Two

Someone is proud to be turning four

This week Ronan turns four years old and Nieve turns two. Nana came up to help us celebrate over the weekend and brought with her some presents for the little ones.

Nieve holding her mermaid card, eyeing the cupcake in front of her

Ronan made off with a new set of Legos containing a police officer on a quad and a thief in his 4x4 getaway car. Ronan's Lego assembly skills have clearly improved since Christmas as he was able to build the vehicles himself (with only slight verbal instructions from me).

Ronan explaining to Nana the gift she gave him

Nieve was even luckier - she received her first official Disney princess doll complete with a hairbrush and - I'm not kidding about this - hair extensions. To be fair to the doll manufacturer, it was Rapunzel, but Mom and I cringed at the inclusion of the extra hair while Nana chuckled craftily to herself. Needless to say Nieve loves her new doll, especially the tiara and the purple dress.

Nieve, her princess, her magic wand, a hairbrush, the color purple and a smile

Mom tried a gluten-free, vegan cupcake recipe (in order to accomodate a dietary need of Nieve's classmate); none of us were impressed by the taste or texture of the so-called treats. Fortunately Mom will make a conventional batch for Ronan's class so the kids will get their tasty dessert!

Nieve's look sums up the cupcake's taste


CalBadger said...

Looks like a fun weekend for all! I'm with Nieve's classmates: Bury vegan and bring on the sugar cupcakes! Be careful of Nana; next thing you know she'll be taking Ronan to a REAL quad dealership for test drives!

Holly Teetzel said...

Happy Birthday to both the kiddo's - loved sharing the time, even if briefly! Quad test drive for Ronan... hmmm... good idea, Granpa! haha