Monday, May 14, 2012

A Weekend with Uncle Todd and Auntie Melissa

"My weekend with Auntie M and Uncle T? Thumbs up!"

Two of Ronan and Nieve's favorite people, Uncle Todd and Auntie Melissa, were in town this weekend for a visit. The kids were on cloud nine (and not just because of the generous gifts), clearly enjoying just catching up/hanging out with our guests.

Happy kiddos hanging out with Auntie M

If you ask Ronan or Nieve I'm sure they'd say that the tasty food (a couple dozen Dee Dee Reese cookies, some cupcakes, and even a couple of lollypops) and birthday gifts (a doll now named "Medusa", a cool modular car, and some sweet Legos) that T & M brought were a highlight of our time together.

Ronan playing with his new off-road Lego truck, a gift from Auntie M and Uncle T

Why yes, that is a carmel-covered sour-apple lollypop Ronan is eating... guess who gave it to him?

While the kids did love the treats it was clear that what really made them happy was the one on one time they spent with their Aunt and Uncle. Ronan loved building Legos with Uncle Todd while Nieve cajoled Auntie Melissa into an hour's worth of pushing the swings in the backyard.

Nieve's motivation here is pretty clear... she loves her Auntie M but does she love her as much as she loves Auntie M's birthday cheesecake?

The kids also liked to show off for our visitors. Ronan took Auntie Mel and Uncle T on a long bike ride all over the Stanford campus, from lunch spot to fountains to finally home again (it was a four hour adventure).

Snack time! The kids have some food during our bicycle tour of the Stanford campus

Nieve made sure to demonstrate her love of dancing; when we made a stop at the annual Native American Pow Wow that Stanford hosts, Nieve busted her moves to whatever rhythm happened to be playing. She also pointed out all of the interesting costumes, especially those with feathers on the back of the torso and head (Nieve called them 'wings' and was very impressed).

Nieve, cool as a cucumber

There were several sweet moments as well. In a rare display of clarity (for an excitable 4-year-old boy) Ronan said, "Uncle Todd is the best. If I feel sad, I'll just dream about him."

Uncle T's shoulders make for a great place to sit and rest. His head also makes an excellent road to drive a lego jeep on.

And when Auntie M and Uncle T were leaving on Sunday, Nieve quietly whispered, "Bye, bye" in a sweet little voice. It was a great weekend that was fun for all of us - thanks Auntie Mel and Uncle Todd for making the trip up!

The kids happily looking for bugs while Uncle T and Auntie M wonder if all kids are so strange


CalBadger said...

Looks like a great weekend...I'm with Nieve...Auntie Melissa is great but, birthday or no birthday, I love that cheesecake!

Holly Teetzel said...

What a great time you all had. Those pix say it all - wonderful post, E. A super Aunt & Uncle.... Priceless!!

Todd said...

A great time indeed. We always love hanging out with you guys! Thanks again!