Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fountain Hopping

Getting ready for the plunge

Students at Stanford University have a tradition of "Fountain Hopping", or splashing around in one or more of the dozen working water features scattered around on campus. The most popular fountain to hop in is 'The Claw' located in front of the Bookstore, and on a hot day you will likely find a half dozen students there cooling themselves off in the water.

Ronan coming back after climbing on The Claw

When Ronan heard that someone added detergent to a few of the fountains in an (somewhat successful) effort to make suds, we headed over on our bikes to get in on the fun.

Cold, but going back for more

Ronan wasn't alone during his first fountain hop; there were several other like minded people taking a dip in the frothy water. Ronan would squeal with delight as he'd run up to the spraying sculpture, climb on it for a bit, and head quickly back to me as if he was trying not to get caught.

There is always time to jump in another fountain

Ronan's already profiting off of others wishes...

He also performed the service of 'wish cleaning' by picking up the change others had thrown into the fountain for luck, inspecting the coins, and returning them to the water. No, no wishes returned with us in Ronan's pockets (the thought did cross his mind, as he has a dinosaur piggy bank that Ronan likes to feed coins to).

A chilly boy 'lizarding' to warm up on a sunny wall

The cool water and steady breeze eventually made svelte Ronan cold so he finally called it a day and laid on the hot bricks and stucco walls while drying off. Ronan laid down on his tummy, shivering, and let the hot surface warm and the sunshine warm him back up.

Yep, the day kind of tasted like this

No day of playing in the sun is perfect without a cold treat so Ronan and I split a chocolate frozen yogurt from Fraiche. By 'split' I mean that I watched Ronan plow through a cup of that creamy stuff in less than five minutes. I suppose that water play does make one hungry!

A happy boy


Holly Teetzel said...

What fun! Who needs a water park when you've got sudsy fountains with climbing features. Bet R. didn't even need a bath that night. I love the shot of him "lizarding" on the concrete wall. Bliss.

Erik said...

Love the term 'lizarding'. I'll go update the caption now.