Monday, June 4, 2012

A Good Time to Fly a Kite

Ronan coaxing the kite higher

Just behind our house a trail leads to 'kite hill', a treeless mound that offers excellent views of the San Francisco Bay and parts of the Silicon Valley. When there is a breeze the mound is a great place to fly a kite - hence the hill's name.

Ronan tried to get his gecko kite to reach the moon

Ronan has always loved flying things - helicopters, planes, blimps, spacecraft (and more recently X-Wing and TIE Fighters) so he was delighted to head to kite hill and fly his stylish gecko. Given the fickle breeze Ronan did pretty well to keep the kite aloft for several minutes, after which he was more interested in running around and exploring than standing in the same spot holding a string.

As the wind subsided the kite sank lower and eventually returned to the ground, as did Ronan's interest in flying the kite

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Holly Teetzel said...

Looks like fun. Maybe Ronan should be in charge of getting the kite aloft and then Nieve can stand and hold the string for hours on end :-)