Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Ana Lucia!

A perfectly cuddle-able little girl

A few weeks ago Ronan and Nieve were able to spend an hour with Ana Lucia, our good friend's almost-four-month old daughter. Ana Lucia is a boneafide cutie with gentle dark brown eyes and a very calm but engaging personality.

Ana gets to know Ronan while he gently strokes her head

Ronan quickly learned how to get Ana to track his wiggling fingers

Like Mom and I, Ronan was captivated by little Ana and was eager to hold her in his arms. He was giddy yet gentle while holding her, making her smile and keeping her engaged with cooing noises and fluttering fingers.

I remember this feeling well - it struck when I was younger and someone would put a baby on my lap. I would think to myself, "Uh, OK, what do I do with this?" Of course I was 27 years old at the time, so I suppose it's a bit premature to judge Nieve.

Even toddlers think infants are cute when they do stuff like grabbing fingers

Nieve wasn't so easily convinced of the virtues of infants. She was curious about Ana but was hesitant and a bit awkward while holding her. Nieve cracked a smile a few times when Ana would grab her fingers, but otherwise Nieve looked to be simply running out the clock on her time with Ana.

Mom and Ana share a little face time

Mom of course loved little Ana Lucia and noted on all of Ana's sweet smelling little parts and irresistibly chubby cheeks. It was a short and sweet visit and we are looking forward to seeing Ana again soon!

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Holly Teetzel said...

Love those pix - 3 very cute kids.