Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Whopper of a Tale

Do you think the kids are ready to get out on the water?

A quick trip to Foothills Park is a regular weekend outing for us - it's close, it's beautiful, and it's a great place to spend time on a sunny summer day. Foothills Park also boasts Boronda Lake, a nice little spot for a leisurely kayak trip.

That's two happy girls, the younger with her own makeshift fishing kit (using lake grass as her line and bait)

Boronda Lake also provides a spot for locals to fish - largemouth bass, red ear sunfish, and catfish can all be seen swimming in the lake. Last week our friendly neighbor Tom gave Ronan a new fishing pole and we decided that Boronda Lake would be the perfect spot to test the little rod.

Ronan is big enough to sit back-to-back with me... and what better to do back there than fish?

Rather than cast from the dock we decided to head out to the 'deep' waters and troll for fish off of the kayaks. Ronan sat back-to-back with me, dragging his lure in the water behind us as we paddled around the lake.

This is "good" trolling... as opposed to purposefully inflammatory comments posted to online articles

Neither Mom nor I thought there was any chance that Ronan would catch anything, given we have no idea how to fish and he was using a 25-year-old lure I found in the garage (a fake worm). We were simply worried that he'd hook himself (also on a 25-year-old hook) and require a tetanus shot.

Ronan reeled in his prize

Ronan proved us wrong - not only did he avoid getting speared by (or spearing anyone else with) his hook, he landed a large mouth bass, albeit a small one. Mom noticed the fish first, yelling out to Ronan to tug on his line and to work his reel. We pulled over to a shallow spot in the lake and I helped Ronan unhook and hold his first fish. He was so excited and proud of landing the little bass.

A proud little boy and his first fish

Like all good anglers, the size of Ronan's fish grew like Pinocchio's nose every time he hold his tale. By the time Papa heard about it at dinner, Ronan's fish was a good three feet long and too heavy for both Ronan and I to lift it out of the water. By next week I'm sure the story will play out like Moby Dick or Old Man of the Sea.

Mom and Nieve know how to kayak in style

No matter the size of the catch, be it a minnow or the Kraken, we'll likely add fishing as one of the many fun outdoor activities we do as a family. And thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, we've got lots of worms at home for bait (we have a vermicomposter)!

When we got back to the dock Ronan refused to stop putting a line in the water - it looks like fishing's got Ronan hooked!


Holly Teetzel said...

That looks like so much fun! Kudos to Ronan - I'd say he deserves the bragging rights. Now I wonder, did he clean it and cook it for dinner? :-)

Erik said...

No cleaning or eating, but we did have had line-caught king salmon for dinner, so does that count? :-)

Holly Teetzel said...

Only if Ronan line-caught that salmon!

melissa said...

what a thrill for him! would love to hear his version of the story!