Monday, August 6, 2012

A Typical Ride

This is how Ronan rolls

Ronan has a knack for cycling - he's been riding for 16 months and his skill has progressed rapidly - he's even grown into larger bike. As his rides are becoming longer and faster, I join him on my bicycle, and our rides together are often for an hour or more at a time.

Ronan taking a break during a campus ride

Our favorite ride takes us through the Stanford campus, visiting various landmarks, fountains, fields, and sculptures. We have a blast exploring, meeting people (which starts by Ronan cutting them off or buzzing them on his bicycle), and taking breaks for artwork climbing.

Ronan calls this statue his, "X-wing Fighter"

The campus ride is fun and fortunately mostly flat. Until Ronan gets a bicycle with gears (and more importantly hand brakes) we'll stay away from steep hills or undulating dirt paths. Of course Ronan still gets his thrills by riding stairs (he's only allowed to try shallow stairs that have at most 3 in a row), putting his feet on his handlebars, and even riding, "with my eyes closed!"

Climbing - to Ronan it's almost as much fun as riding


CalBadger said...

Like father, like son or, more descriptively, a chip off the same block!

Todd said...

Well done! How old do you have to be to participate in the X-games?
Next time you should mount it on Ronan's handlebars looking at him.

Holly Teetzel said...

I second Uncle Todd's motion of handlebar mounted Go-Pro!