Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day of (Pre) School

Ronan is now a smiling 'senior'... finishing up his last year as a pre-schooler

Last week marked the beginning of a new preschool year for Ronan and Nieve. Ronan has started his last year as a 'Red Legged Frog' while Nieve is a 'Tiger Beetle'.

For Ronan not much has changed as his classroom is similar in size to last year with all of his friends moving with him. There are a few additions to his class, children that were 'Red Legged Frogs' last year but have decided to delay the start of Kindergarten.

A mischievous girl on her first day of school, loving her new purple shoes (thanks Nana!)

Nieve is working through a more notable transition - her new classroom has twice as many children as her previous one. Hopefully after a few weeks she'll find her comfort zone and start showing her trademark confidence, humor and independence.


CalBadger said...

The usual great shots of the kids...I don't think I was ever that happy going to school, no matter what grade level! Nice shoes Nieve! Are you going to follow in the footsteps (so-to-speak) of Auntie Allison?!

Holly Teetzel said...

Red Legged Frogs and Tiger Beetles - no wonder the kids look so happy. I'm sure it will be a great year for them both.