Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beach Days, 2012

Ronan be nimble, Ronan be quick...

In August we spent a week in San Diego enjoying the warm sun, the refreshing Pacific, and Nana's hospitality. San Diego's main attraction are the sandy beaches (more on Legoland in another post) with 20th Street in Del Mar and La Jolla Shores being the easiest for us to get to with two kids and the stuff that comes with them.

Ronan made a sunflower for Mom out of the flotsam he found on the shore

A warm beach is almost the perfect spot for kids to explore. Ronan and Nieve love combing the shore for interesting flotsam and at the water's edge they can dig for scurrying sand crabs.

Joe cool, hanging at the beach

Building with sand always exercises the imagination, with drip-style castles the latest fad for Ronan and Nieve. They have learned to site their creations just out of reach of the surge but close enough to the water so they can dig a 'drip quarry' without much effort.

Who needs wave power when you have Uncle Todd power?

But what makes spending time at the beach magical is the ocean itself. Swimming and riding waves are obvious pleasers, be it with a board or not. This year we got Ronan a snorkeling kit and he went out past the breakers in search of underwater life. He was successful on his first time out, seeing sting and bat rays as well as a couple leopard sharks.

Even though the ride was thrilling, Ronan loved observing the behavior of water spray

When he wasn't snorkeling Ronan was busy cajoling Uncle Todd into pulling him through the shallow water on a boogie board. Ronan loved the speed and giggled like crazy, demanding Uncle Todd to run faster or farther.

Time to do some trick riding...

Nieve was not interested in thrilling board rides. Instead she played with her bucket and shovel in the shallow water, feeling the push and pull of the gentle waves. She also liked to let her feet get buried by the tide - she's stand in the same spot at the edge of the water until her feet sank into the wet sand, all the way up to her mid-shins.

A happy girl, playing in the shallow water. Fun and refreshing!

The several days we spent at the beach with family, friends, and wildlife (Ronan loves chasing seagulls) was much needed fun toward the end of our summer. We all had a blast, with Ronan and Nieve already asking about beach week 2013!

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Holly Teetzel said...

Loved having you all down here - Not many things are better than a beach on a warm sunny day. Thanks for making the trip down here :-)