Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fun at Lovers Point

Enjoying the delightful little cove on a sunny afternoon

This past weekend we took a mini vacation to Pacific Grove, a friendly little community hugging the shoreline of California's central coast. The weather was perfect; sunny and warm but not overbearingly hot. The water conditions were even better - clear, cool, and almost as calm as a lake.

Nieve loved bobbing in the water

The perfect spot for kids to jump in the Monterey Bay is at Lovers Point, where a protected sandy cove with a shallow entrance makes it safe and inviting. It's small enough to corral far-wandering kids but big enough for the adventurous pre-schooler to explore.

A wet boy is a happy boy

Ronan delighted in running, swimming, and jumping into the Bay, playing with other children who seemed to do exactly the same. It was fun to watch him gravitate to kids a few years older than him, mimicking their movements and always trying to master whatever physical feat they attempted.

Ronan relaxing on rock he waded out to

Nieve was mostly pleased with her purple wetsuit and liked to say that she was going, "out into the deep blue sea". She was braver than we expected - she waded in all the way up to her neck without any prompting from us.

The great, wet 'Nieve Monster' marauding the shallows

On one occasion a surge tipped her over and she floated face-down in the water until we picked her up an set her on her feet again. Surprisingly she didn't panic and seemed to not let the incident impeded on the fun she was having.

Nieve demonstrating the 'two finger touch' rule for sea creatures that she learned at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Both kids also loved finding creatures (mollusks) and flotsam (shells) in the sand and water. Some other children captured a crab and Ronan helped to build a little 'habitat' to keep the crab safe yet still under the care of the kids. Mom found a little snail that became Nieve's 'precious'; for the most part she was gentle with her slimy little pet.

Nieve and Ronan taking a moment to goof off in front of the camera

Our time spent at the little cove was delightful with both Ronan and Nieve asking to go back to play in the water. I'm certain the next time we are in Monterey we'll be sure to stop by and make more fun at Lovers Point.

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Holly Teetzel said...

What a great time. Love the pink wetsuit! Nieve must have felt invincible :-)