Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meeting the Monarchs

A well marked entrance into the grove

In addition to Lovers Point, Pacific Grove is known as a rest stop of sorts for Monarch butterflies during their annual migration. Each October thousands of butterflies descend upon the area, taking up residence for a few months in an old grove of eucalyptus trees. This little spot is known as the Monarch Grove Butterfly Sanctuary and consists of a simple dirt path, rope guide rails, and a few comfortable benches.

The *only* monarch visible in the entire scanctuary

Both Ronan and Nieve enjoy butterflies so we made a stop by the sanctuary to see if the Monarchs had arrived. Unfortunately we only saw a single butterfly, perched in a nearby tree.

It feels like someone is watching...

Ronan making Mommy 'mini'

Even though the grove was almost entirely absent of the little orange and black flying insects the kids still made the trip fun. Ronan delighted in playing with the binoculars and worked to master focus and zoom. He also discovered the demagnifying effect when looking through the binoculars backwards and tested the 'littling effect' on Mom and Nieve.

Nieve snatched the binoculars from Ronan and loved teasing him with them

Nieve enjoyed exploring the path, running up and down and playing on the rope rail. She would chase Ronan around and do everything within her power to win his attention. She would also charm other visitors that passed by, giving a friendly greeting and a precocious smile.

It's all fun when Nieve chases after Ronan and Mom

Fortunately for us we still got our fill of monarch butterflies as the backyard of our rental house seemed to be filled with them (as well as hummingbirds). It was fun to grill dinner and watch the little insects flit about the bushes and trees. In the future, if we are in Pacific Grove between October and February, we'll be sure to stop by the sanctuary to enjoy the spectacle when the temporary residents are in.

This fun bench was a winner

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Holly Teetzel said...

Looks like fun even w/o monarchs. I love the pic of the kids on the butterfly bench. Very cute.