Friday, October 19, 2012

Sunset Kite Flying at Asilomar Beach

It was a beautiful but brisk evening - Nieve was happy to have Nana's warm hat on

As part of our mini-vacation to Pacific Grove Mom wanted to do a picnic dinner at the beach. Not that a reason was needed, given 'picnic dinner at the beach' is almost always a great idea, but she wanted to watch the sun sink into the Pacific. Asilomar Beach was the place to do it and she chose a perfect evening for it as low, textured clouds created a fantastic canvas to reflect the changing sunlight.

Ronan, just before his pants became soaked with sea water

Ronan of course loved being at the beach, running through the soft white sand and testing his limits along the water's edge. Predictably he pushed the boundary too far and ended up soaking his pants even before dinner was severed.

Family portrait time!

Wet pants make for an uncomfortable evening, and even with his high tolerance for discomfort Ronan wanted to get into something warm and dry. As we did not have an extra pair of pants he ended up wearing a towel around his waist.

Mom and Nieve mid debate... I love they way they tease each other

The brisk temperature and persistent breeze meant the kids stayed closer to Mom and I than normal. They were eager to gobble up the warm food and loved cuddling/playing on a soft fleece blanket. They even sat still enough to take a posed family photo. Nieve was particularly precocious, taking every opportunity to tease whomever was nearest, or in her direct line of sight.

Ronan loved how the kite 'glowed' in the sunlight

In addition to tasty food, Mom brought our stunt kite so the kids would be distracted enough to (mostly) stay out of the water. The evening light made the rainbow colors of the kite glow and the kids wanted to touch the kite to see if it was 'hot'.

Ronan getting ready to launch the kite for Mom and Nieve

Once the kite was airborne Nieve and Ronan marveled at it twisting, turing, carving loops, diving precariously close to the ground and turing just in time to avoid impact.

Ronan's devilish grin is because he's intentionally trying to crash the kite at the highest speed possible. Nieve hides behind us, worried about the debris that may come from Ronan's intentional impact.

It was a matter of minutes before Ronan demanded that he get to fly the kite, and I quickly learned that he was not that interested at all in keeping the kite in the air. Rather he wanted to witness the mayhem from the kite plowing nose first into the sand at speed. He would cackle with glee as the kite's impact made an impressive thud and dusting up of sand.

Nieve started off mimicing Ronan, crashing the kite (and herself in the process)

When Ronan was finished doing his best to destroy the kite, Nieve wanted to pilot it as well. Her objective was different from Ronan's; rather than crashing the kite she wanted to wiggle and dance while the kite was aloft.

Little Nieve, flying the kite (briefly) without assistance

Normally I'm all for dancing but even small movements of the hand will dramatically change the course of a stunt kite. Nieve's wild body movements were problematic and resulted in the kite being on the ground far longer than in the air. Fortunately she wanted to see if she should make the kite 'wiggle', so she stayed still long enough to get a few fun flights in. After that both kids went back to making carnage by crashing the kite at the highest speed possible.

Mayday! Mayday! Get ready for a crash landing!

The entire time at Asilomar beach was a blast. To top it off, as we were packing up and trudging across the sand back to the car, the sky lit up in an amazing show of setting sunlight. It was a perfect sayonara to a perfect evening.

We all enjoyed this sunset... and yes, the photograph does not do it justice.


Holly Teetzel said...

What a beautiful evening - sand, seaweed, surf, gorgeous sunset, kite crashing and even severed dinner. What could be better.
Props for the awesome photography, dad :-)

Todd said...

Beautiful shots at the end. Did you apply a filter to that?

Erik said...

Thanks Todd - I added a graduated filter application in Lightroom to brighten up the sand but nothing on-camera. The sky had more red than the photo shows but I didn't want to mess with the coloring too much.