Monday, November 12, 2012

More Magic at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

My favorite part of our trip to MBA this fall - feeding time at the Open Sea exhibit

No trip to the Monterey Peninsula is complete without a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It's one of the kid's favorite places to visit, and our trips there have made a notable impact on their knowledge and love of our oceans.

The kids being sweet to each other? This *must* be a magical place!

It's fun to see which parts of the aquarium best engage Ronan and Nieve. During this trip we were able to watch the Open Sea feeding - Nieve and Ronan sat transfixed for at least 20 mins (a record for Ronan), watching the fish, sea turtles, and sharks feed with urgency.

This is Ronan's 'must do' activity when we visit the aquarium and he's become exceedingly efficient at it

Ronan was particularly mesmerized by the school of sardines - they moved as a giant, glistening wave, washing over the length of the exhibit, twisting and turning as they snatched up their food.

"Daddy, there! There's Ronan!"

As usual, Ronan also loved feeding time at the Kelp Forest exhibit. In what seems to be the continuation of a tradition, he volunteered (again) to show the audience how thick the exhibit's acrylic is by putting his hands opposite those of the diver in the tank.

Nieve expanding her comfort zone, one little touch at a time

This time Nieve was interested in the petting pools, touching urchins, sea starts and abalone shells. And a tip of the hat to Mom - after Nieve finished at the touching pool she walked over and washed her hands without any prompting from me.

Ronan intently listening to a presentation on the migratory patterns of great white sharks

Another new activity tried was attending a short lecture on Ronan's subject du jour - great white sharks. We were surprised that both kids paid attention for the entire presentation, and that Ronan both understood and remembered the most important points. At the end of the talk he approached the lecturer and asked clarifying questions regarding shark tagging and how the 'release' mechanism worked to auto-detach after a set period of time.

Mom's favorite exhibit this time - the extension of the Jellies Experience

As always we had a fun and educational trip to the aquarium, and as usual the kids have been asking, "when can we go back?"


Holly Teetzel said...

What a great time & great place for the kids. I wouldn't be surprised to find Ronan IN the tank as the diver in about 16 more years - perfect summer job for him :-)

CalBadger said...

4The photos are great...what kid would not love the MBA!!!