Monday, November 19, 2012

Nieve Takes to Two Wheels

Nieve is learning to roll with it

When Ronan turned two he could hardly wait to get on a bike and start riding. Nieve, on the other hand, has been far less enthusiastic about riding a two-wheeler. She has the necessary strength and skill for the push bike, but she typically chooses to simply be a passenger and make Mom or I do all of the work (this also saves her from the pesky and sometimes painful crashing).

However, over the past couple of weeks, Nieve has taken an interest in riding. The difference? Probably the new set of pretty streamers Mom attached to her handlebars. Whatever the reason, during recent outings Nieve has gone much further and faster than she's typically willing to. We have a long way until she's on a pedal bike, but I'm already looking forward to doing Stanford campus and Arastradero rides as a family.

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Holly Teetzel said...

And a very good start it is. Love how she grips with her knees - like riding a horse... or a Vespa :-) And what a difference in style from her brother. Cautious, stopping, looking before going into the street. Fear of crashing is a good thing. Ride on little Nieve :-)